"I named the boat Whitmar after three very important people in my life. The first being my daughter Whitney, who has shown great patience for many years as she sat with me at job-sites while I was working to meet a deadline or waited at home for me to come pick her up to spend our time together. She continues to wait for me today and has good-naturedly participated in the construction of my dream even though she is a teenager and would much rather be doing anything else than sweeping sawdust or helping me in the shop. I plan to let her have the boat when she wants it.

The second part of the name is taken from my mother's first name, Margie, but it stands for so much more. It is an acknowledgment to both my parents for their uncompromising love. It is a tribute to the combined spirit that is Gordon and Margie and the ensuing product of their years of devotion, teaching, and caring. Without the foundation my parents gave me as a child and the nurturing consideration, I know it is cliche, but they did teach me that I could do anything I put my mind to.

While the boat is an impressive project to most, and even so to my parents, they are not the least bit surprised. It is a result of their endless efforts for my siblings and me."